100/100M USB Ethernet Single Chip

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100/100M USB Ethernet Single Chip
Yuechung International Corp.
Yuechung International Corp. was founded in 1994 and specialized in manufacturing of Computer Peripheral, Telecom/Wireless, Mobile phone PDA, DSC, DVD, Charger, UPS, Toys, Security, Home Appliance, Industrial and many more. We are also the first Taiwan brand of Piezoelectric Ceramic Frequency products. We supplied wide ranges of product for customer based on our rich experience.
Pan-Jit International Inc.
Pan-Jit International Inc. was set up in 1986 and continue to expand the product variouity and manufacturing capabilities. We have gained a high quality reputation in the industry as well as from worldwide customers. After a successful initial outcome, we invested in significant capacity expansions in Taiwan and china to offer customer more competitive product in 1999. In the further, we expect to focus on new products, new capacity and customer support.
Aver Logic Technologies Corp.
AverLogic Technologies Corp. was established in 1996 and devoting in fables Semiconductor Company with headquarters in Taipei. We focus in high-performance application specific memory and video processing circuits. Our main products include various video frame and line buffers, format converters and highly integrated video processors. Our products are available from a worldwide network of representatives and distributors.
DAVICOM Semiconductor Inc.
DAVICOM Semiconductor Inc. was founded in 1996 by UMC communication team and American networking experts. Till today, DAVICOM has develop more than 20 digital & analog products and applied for 14 IPs and has successfully become one of the leading IC design houses in Taiwan. We target to produce the most professional technique of communication and network ICs and meet customer satisfaction with quality product, efficient delivery and cost effectiveness.
Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd.
Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and specialized in manufacturing the peripheral products of computer games such as game pads, light guns, racing wheels, memory cards, and game pad adopters etc. our latest product, logic analyzer LAP-16128U、LAP-32128U-A、 LAP-321000-A, which has the latest measure technology. We strive to offer excellent and latest product at competitive price to our customer. Please feel free to contact for more information.
Ceramate Technical Co., Ltd.
Ceramate Technical Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of electronic component. We deeply believe that offering the best quality is our responsibility. “Ceramate” represent high quality product for our customers. Our main products include the excellent quality motor/ actual driver IC, epprom, operational amplifier, regulators, fan motor driver IC, optic fiber transmitter& receiver, gastube, comtector, TVS and so on.
Silicon Application Corp.
Silicon Application Corp. was established in 1987 and dedicated itself in sourcing, marketing, designing, processing, import, export and distribution of various kinds of computers, electronic devices, electronic components and many more. Our vision is to become the Asia’s No 1 electronics distributor. Moreover, we aim to share the values of teamwork, integrity, professionalism and effectiveness.
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