Chromicolor Materials

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Chromicolor Materials
Two Changing Co., Ltd.
From the very beginning of Two Changing Co. has been established, known as the global provider of innovative color change temperature products. Furthermore, we have the most outstanding employees who contribute their professional skill to Two Changing Co., Ltd. In addition, we own superior product line to produce the excellent quality products to satisfy every single of our customers’ need. Our products includes: Liquid Crystal Digital Thermometer, Color Changing Products, Chromicolor Materials, Wine Thermometer. Therefore, we have successfully earned the great reputation worldwide. It is our goal to become the leading provider of innovative products and a reliable business partner in each targeted segments. In the meanwhile, we supply products of the best quality for reasonable prices, which perfectly meets the needs of market in Taiwan.
E-Ton Power Tech Co., Ltd.
As a leading manufacturer of auto parts and power vehicles, E-TON Group is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world. We are proudly to claim that we well specialized in following 3 areas, for instance: Auto parts, Power vehicles and Green energy. Moreover, we have 3 plants located in both Taiwan and China as well with total 1600 employees to offer customers worldwide with the best quality products in a long-term manufacturing strategy. E-TON is a multi-national manufacturing company producing a diverse array of OEM and proprietary named items. E-TON made history in 1997 when we launched Tornado ATV to become the first Taiwanese company to enter ATV market. The next series, VIPER, was the classical type and is still the best one over current competitors.
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