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Shihai Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shihai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1978 recommended Japan A80 high aluminum ceramic rods and provided technological guidance to manufacture resistors. Our products are including SMD Chip Resistors Data sheet, CRA Chip Resistor Networks, Thick Film Resistors Networks, CF Carbon Film Fixed Resistors, MF Precision Metal Film Fixed Resistors, FR Fusible Resistors, Large Capacity Metal-Clad Wire wound resistors...etc. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
Ssec Enterprise Corporation
SSEC Enterprise Corporation was established in 1995, mainly focus on fixed resistors of Carbon Film / Metal Film / Metal Oxide Film / Wire wound. Our products are including surface mount, resistors, MELF resistors, Leaded resistors, MLCC, Multilayer, Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Safety Capacitors, Plastics. Film Capacitors, Aluminum Electrolytic, Capacitors, Chip beads, and chip inductors
Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. dedicated itself in semiconductor manufacturer since established in 1987. Taiwan Semiconductor is recognized as the market leader as our steadily increasing it capital spending and by outstanding performance in the market. To service more customer and offer prompt service, we established a sales network in China, India, Japan, Korea, the Northerland, Taiwan and United Stated.
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.
Hi-Sincerity Corporation was established in 2000 with capital 410 million based in Taiwan. Our business philosophy is based on “quality, responsibility, Horner, participation, service.” As we strictly follow these principles and continues effort dedicated in design and development, we are the leading company in this area. Please contact for further information.
Millennium Components Corp.
Millennium Components Corp. is a multi-faceted organization based in Taiwan. We specialized in offering sourcing, shipping, manufacturing and project management services to clients from all point of the globe. Our main business range include electronic component and part sourcing, finished goods (such as LCD computer monitor and PDA) and manufacture project. With years’ effort, we are now the leading company in the industry.
Sendy Electronic Co., Ltd.
Sendy Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1973 mainly focus on resistor products. Our products are including resistor product series, capacitors series, commission products, and other products. Our management is Strict control of production process, incessant development and trade of peripheral spare parts, and providing the most rapid delivery. of goods. Please kindly contact us for further information
Hi-Sincerity Corporation
Hi-Sincerity Corporation was establsihed in 2000 mainly focus on chips products. Our products are including Chip Ressistor, Chip Array, MLCC, Leaded Resistior & other passive components. By satisfying the requests of internal department , we will be able to meet external customers' demands. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries we would love to hear from you.
Liket Corporation
Liket Corporation was established in 1989 mainly focus on resistor products. Our products are including resistors, capacitor, diode, and choke. Our management goal is to develop various specialized and precision resistors with challenging and far-sighted method, provide complete
services, perfect quality to gain wide recognition as a trustworthy and reliable supplier. Kindly contact us for further detail.
Concord Semiconductor Corp.
Concord Semiconductor Corp. dedicate in the manufacture of TVS since established in 1996. Over these years’s effort, we are now one of the leading suppliers of TVS. We deeply believe that the customer satisfaction, wide range of TVS, prompt delivery, complete engineering & quality management capability and customized ability greatly contributed to our present success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Yuechung International Corp.
Yuechung International Corp. was founded in 1994 and specialized in manufacturing of Computer Peripheral, Telecom/Wireless, Mobile phone PDA, DSC, DVD, Charger, UPS, Toys, Security, Home Appliance, Industrial and many more. We are also the first Taiwan brand of Piezoelectric Ceramic Frequency products. We supplied wide ranges of product for customer based on our rich experience.
Pan-Jit International Inc.
Pan-Jit International Inc. was set up in 1986 and continue to expand the product variouity and manufacturing capabilities. We have gained a high quality reputation in the industry as well as from worldwide customers. After a successful initial outcome, we invested in significant capacity expansions in Taiwan and china to offer customer more competitive product in 1999. In the further, we expect to focus on new products, new capacity and customer support.
PAC Electronics Co., Ltd.
PAC Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1991. Our name PAC is stand for Proactive Attentive Creative. This is also our business philosophy. PAC has developed it unique core competence and suited itself in the niche market, in order to act promptly and sensitively in this competitive changing environment. We are not only market part numbers but also knowledge, technology and support to satisfy our customer.
A Wellmart Electronics Co., Ltd.
A Wellmart electronics Co., Ltd. is importer and exporter in electronic components products for more than 18 years.Our products are including Glass fuse, ceramic fuse, Fuse Clip, Potentionmeter, Rotary potentionmeter, semi-fixed resistor, SMD potentionmeter, infrared diode, seven segement display, Twin LED, Insulated sheet, rubber pad, and SMD Resistor/ Capacitor. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
SEP Electronic Corp.
SEP Electronic Corp is one of realizable provider since established in 1984. Our goal is to provide the customers with superior quality, reliability and competitive cost in vast range selection of rectifiers, from standard to fast, super fast recovery, bridge assemblies, plastic encapsulated, as well as to produce surface mount, schottky and high voltage rectifiers. We aim to meet each customer’s satisfaction with our strong management and R&D ability and fine equipment and accessories.
Globe Electronic Corp.
Globe Electronic Corp. is a component import and export for both domestic and oversea well-known suppliers. Our project agent products are including Fuse, capacitors, Socket, Adaptor, Switch, Oled, IEC, and Connector.
Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries we would love to hear from you!!
Zowie Technology Corporation
ZOWIE Technology Corporation was established in 1994 is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced discrete semiconductor products. Our products are including Schottky Barrier Rectifiers, Sinteres Glass Passivated Junction Rectifiers, and Sintered Glass Passivated Junction Fast Recover Rectifiers. Please kindly contact us if there are any questions or inquiries.
Dyna Image Corporation
Dyna Image Corporation was founded in 1985 and specializing in manufacturing a wide range of power diodes and diode trios those mainly use on the alternator of vehicles. Our product lines include press-fit diodes, button diodes, diode trios, dish diodes, tin can diodes, soza cell and many more. We are also an ISO9001 certified producer; our product quality is worth on your trust. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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