Junction Field-Effect Transistor

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Junction Field-Effect Transistor
Tai-Shing Electronics Components Corporation~
Tai-Shing Electronics Components Corporation is a quality expert producer of solenoid and relay and ssr with factories in Taiwan and mainland china. We offer more than hundred series of relays and solenoids. We also offer professional technology to customers and do OEM/ODM for them. Tai-shing was established in 1973, with 34 years’ effort and experience in this field, we now enjoyed excellent reputation from customers and become their reliable partner.
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics Corp.
Hi-Sincerity Corporation was established in 2000 with capital 410 million based in Taiwan. Our business philosophy is based on “quality, responsibility, Horner, participation, service.” As we strictly follow these principles and continues effort dedicated in design and development, we are the leading company in this area. Please contact for further information.
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